Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a corn maze?

The corn maze is one of our corn fields with a series of paths cut throught the field to form a design.  These paths form the design of the maze.  This year's maze is a tribute to the Philadelphia Eagles.  The paths cut through the maze form the design of a football player with an Eagles helmet getting ready to make a catch.  Could this be the Philly Special!?  We have maps posted throughout the maze to help you.  Challenge the twisting pathways.  Complete the questions and answers.  Find all the picture rubbings.  This is more than a "walk in the stalks!"  There are also two bridges located in the maze so you can see the top of the corn.

2. Who should visit a corn maze?

The Hurricane Hill Farm Corn Maze is intended for family-friendly fun.

Both children and the young at heart will enjoy the experience of navigating, getting lost, and trying to figure your way out.  

If you enjoy fresh air and exercise, stop out!  It's a special social in the corn maze with your family and friends.  Quality time together comes from shared experience.  You work through the challenge to escape together and savor the victory when you emerge victorious!

If you are pregnant, claustrophobic, have a medical condition, or get easily frustrated, then we advise against entering our maze.  But please visit the farm for the Fall Festival!  (hay rides, pedal tractors, cow-train rides, small maze, corn slide, hay jump, and more).  There's more to the farm than just the big maze!

3. How big is the maze?

The Hurricane HIll Farm Corn Maze covers over 5 acres of ground and contains miles of paths for you to explore. 

The smaller maze covers approx. 1 acre of ground.

Other fun activities are available in the Court Yard.  (hay rides, corn cannon, corn slide, pedal tractors, cow train rides, hay jump, and more!)

4. How long will it take to go through the maze?

About 1 hour.  Maybe longer if you get lost!  We have the smaller maze available, too, if you don't have enough time for the Football Maze.

5. What happens if I get lost?

We have employees stationed throughout the maze to help, if needed.

6. Will the maze be open during bad weather?


Please call the farm office to check conditions.  484-999-4600. For your safety, the maze will be closed during rain, high winds, or other inclement weather.  

Trails inside the corn maze

7. Can I drop off my kids at the maze and pick them up later?

Absolutely Not!

Underage children, including teenagers, must be accompanied into the maze with  their adult guardian.  There are no exceptions and ID will be checked.

What Should I Wear?

Remember, you will  be walking through a corn field.

  • Dress appropriately - if it's warm, wear cool clothes.
  • If it's cold, dress in layers & wear warm clothes.
  • You will be outside walking through a corn field.  Wear sturdy shoes.  Don't wear your $500 Nike Air.  Spike heels aren't  good, either.
  • If there has been a recent rain, be prepared for MUD!
  • Chances are good you'll get a bit dirty, so wear Hanes, not Dolce & Gabbana.  It's not the clothes that make the Maze-Goer, it's the spirit of adventure!  Dress for success - not to impress!

Remember to Dress for Conditions. Wear Sturdy Shoes.

Bring Water and Bug Spray.

Wear a Hat for Sun Protection. Wear Sunscreen.